Hypertext Grav Theme

This section contains pages that demonstrate the features of the Hypertext theme. Each section gives you a good understanding of how the theme handles different kinds of content.

This page is also an example of the collection page type. It's a collection of sub-pages, suitable for any length of child pages.

Collection - This is an example collection page, including several children in order to demonstrate a leaner presentation method than blog. Sub-pages - Dogs, Cats, Birds, Fish

Blog - This is a blog collection. It's where you might have several sequential pages listed in one place. They can be nested, so any sub-pages you include will have some information about what pages are within that sub-collection. It doesn't have a summary delimited by === so it's interesting to see h... Sub-pages - First-post, Second-best, Third-base, Fourth-of-july, Staying-alive-with-five, Six-sticks, Seven-in-heaven, Eight-way-hexagon