Hypertext Theme

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A demo collection that shows other content as child pages.

This page demonstrates the collection/blog features of the Hypertext theme. Each section is a group of fake pages that give you an idea of how the theme responds to different kinds of content.

This page is also an example of the collection page type. It's a collection of sub-pages, and is identical to the blog and blog_list page types in other themes.


This is an example blog page with many children to demonstrate long lists of sequential content.


  1. July - July can get really hot
  2. June - Forget the June gloom
  3. May - May flowers are here!
  4. April - April has some rain where I come from
  5. March - March is when snow melts
  6. February - February is shorter than other months
  7. January - January is a lovely time of year


This is an example collection page, including several children in order to demonstrate a leaner presentation method than blog.


  1. Dogs - This subtitle is all about the wonders of dog ownership.
  2. Cats - Cats are often where it's at
  3. Birds - Birds can take to the air and send imaginations soaring
  4. Fish - Fish are like moving houseplants
  5. Reptiles - Reptiles are cool, but don't try to cuddle them
  6. Rocks - The pet rock was a fad a long time ago
  7. Cactus - Cactus can make for a great, low-maintenance pet


This collection exists only for testing and isn't meant to be a real demo of what content would look like in this theme. i.e. Every page has different content/data instead of being uniform, so it's going to look really weird.

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  1. First-post
  2. Second-best
  3. Third-base
  4. Fourth-of-july - The fourth post is the one that includes a subtitle.
  5. Staying-alive-with-five
  6. Six-sticks - This post is also detailed enough to require a subtitle.
  7. Seven-in-heaven
  8. Eight-way-hexagon